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Importance of Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small medallions or coins given as proof of membership and in some cases were to enhance morale among service men by rewarding special achievement with the challenge coins. Challenge coins are custom made and they most of contain company emblems and mottos. See more here. There are many myths around challenge coins but he most common one states that they were first used during world war one.

Legend has it that one wealthy lieutenant bronze medallions that he gave to his unit, a pilot was one of them and he had his in a pouch that he wore around his neck, shortly after he was captured by the Germans and to ensure that he did not escape, they took all his identification documents, he was taken to a small French village where he managed to escape, he was recaptured by the French and they were ready to execute him believing him to be a spy, without any id, the only proof of which unit he belonged to was the medallion which one of h captors recognized thus delayed his execution until he was able to confirm his identity. Instead of being shot like was initially the pan, he was treated to a bottle of wine. His unit took to ensuring that every member of the unit had a challenge coin.

Military coins, these are given to service men and women as a reward for extra ordinary acts and to motivate others to serve above and beyond the call of duty. These one has many forms because a variation of the same is the one awarded to first responders who put their lives on the line to ensure public safety. These are namely Fire fighter challenge coin, Police challenge coins among others. The police have different challenge coins and are given as you go up the ranks.

These are also given in recognition for visiting other organizations. American presidents also have challenge coins which they mostly give to service men and women and visiting dignitaries. Companies and clubs have also taken up challenge coins which are given to clients upon purchase of a certain product or equipment. If you decide to make challenge coins for your organization, you need to research in terms of cost because they do not come cheap. Click this site to get more info. The Materia used to make the medallions mostly determines the cost. You can issue different challenge coins to different departments within your organization.

If you are buying them as a collector, you can find them on different online market platforms. There are not that many companies that make challenge cons but they sites where all the information is available, you can learn more by visiting them. Learn more from

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